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Parents are powerful people. We're given the privilege and opportunity to establish our children's routines in their formative years, which often persist into adulthood. Parent's actions set examples and send signals about who we are and what we expect from our kids. We don't have to do great things to make a statement, it's the small choices we make each day which impact them so greatly.

This generation spends countless hours in extracurricular classes and on playdates, with little time set aside in their daily routines for character enhancement. Enrichment opportunities abound on the stage and the field, but character is about who we are when nobody is watching. Character is what shines when the spotlight is turned off. Integrate philanthropy into your child's everyday life, so a connection will be made between community service and self enrichment. Offer your children a glimpse of the world though the lives of others and give them the curiosity, knowledge and power to make a difference. 

Host A Fundraiser 
Children need many and varied opportunities for self awareness and respect for others, along with a strong work ethic and perseverance. They are constructive learners--they learn best by doing. Empower your child; let us know if there’s a charity, community service, or family in need they feel passionate about and why. Philanthropic goals can be as personal or as global as they wish. Glitter Lemonade will customize a creative and kid-friendly activity or campaign enabling them to make a difference. We will spotlight your child's cause and sponsor an online fundraiser through our website, providing them with a platform to raise money and a voice to champion their mission.

Donate A Birthday
Looking for an exercise in civic virtue, but don't want to host a fundraiser? Encourage your child to donate their birthday, holiday or special occasion to support a meaningful cause close to their heart, or contribute to any one of Glitter Lemonade's active missions. We will create a personalized email campaign for your child requesting contributions to their featured charity in lieu of gifts. For information regarding Glitter Lemonade sponsored birthday parties, email; We invite your child to join other boys and girls around the country donating their celebrations, for a true experience in global citizenship. View party pix on Facebook  for inspiration!

Give Gifts That Give Back  
Glitter Lemonade is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship and changing the way our future leaders view Big Business. We welcome partnerships with companies who value charitable giving as key component of their business models, supporting our mission to educate the next generation about brands and products which benefit the greater good. Your child has purchasing power, so teach them young to use it wisely! Purchase a gift through Glitter Lemonade and
designate the proceeds to one of our featured charities, or a charity of your child's choice. Children are also encouraged to create their own products and use our website as a virtual lemonade stand. Check out these EVIL TYE bracelets designed by 6 and 8 year old Glitter Lemonade activists and visit in the upcoming months for additional signature inventory created by our future CEOs. Whether your child is giving or receiving, instill the spirit of goodwill with gifts that give back. PS) Shop Local!

School Clubs
With an adult adviser providing insight through education, Glitter Lemonade club members generate service ideas and implement meaningful hands-on projects that impact their world. Clubs are geared toward elementary and middle aged children and are an innovative way for schools to incorporate philanthropy into their core programs and curriculum. Advisers lead meetings on a regular basis giving students the opportunity to identify issues that are important to them and develop initiatives that effect positive change through collaboration. Pitch a Glitter Lemonade Club to your child's school today! 

Spread The Word
Would you drink the Glitter Lemonade, if your schedule wasn't so jam packed? We are all mothers too; we truly understand. If you don't have time to get involved right now, please LIKE us on Facebook, or consider advocating for us in conversation if it comes naturally. Word of mouth has always been our best resource. You're not in this parenting thing alone... we don't have the manual either, but together we can nurture socially aware and responsible children with compassionate inner spirits. Stick with us. There's safety in numbers!

Please Note: Glitter Lemonade's goal is to enable as many children as possible to become independent agents of change. While there are absolutely no upfront costs associated with hosting a fundraiser or donating your child's birthday, Glitter Lemonade collects a 10% operating fee on all donations in addition to PayPal and credit card  processing fees. Operating fees cover costs associated with developing campaigns, maintaining and hosting the site, plus other value-added services we provide to ensure Glitter Lemonade is the most accessible and kid-friendly fundraising platform available.

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