Charity Water

Glitter Lemonade is a non-profit social welfare organization operating under section 501c4. Donations made directly to the foundation are not tax deductible. We've chosen not to pursue 501c3 public charity status because granting to individuals is not permissible under the 501c3 code. Our designation allows children in the Glitter Lemonade community to raise funds for  neighbors and loved ones in need, empowering them to set philanthropic goals that can be as personal or as global as they wish. 

If you are gifting a contribution on behalf of a child's birthday, school, holiday, or special event, please visit their individual campaign page to contribute.


If you would like to support Glitter Lemonade, so we can continue to inspire a new generation of active, philanthropic and engaged members of society, please us the PayPal button below:

Via mail, kindly make checks payable to Glitter Lemonade, print and include a donation form and forward to the following address:

Glitter Lemonade
174 Nassau Street
Suite 114
Princeton, New Jersey

For those donors who require a tax deduction, Glitter Lemonade has a Collective Giving Fund within FJC, a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Public Charity and a Foundation of Philanthropic Funds. As such, all donations made to FJC designated for Glitter Lemonade initiatives are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by United States law. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please click here and Glitter Lemonade will empower our participating children to grant your contribution on a first need basis.

Please Note: Glitter Lemonade's goal is to enable as many children as possible to become independent agents of change. While there are absolutely no upfront costs associated with hosting a fundraiser or donating a child's birthday, Glitter Lemonade collects a 10% operating fee on all donations in addition to PayPal and credit card  processing fees. Operating fees cover costs associated with developing campaigns, maintaining and hosting the site, plus other value-added services we provide to ensure Glitter Lemonade is the most accessible and kid-friendly fundraising platform available.