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Princeton Junior School Announces Partnership with Glitter Lemonade Foundation

--Empowers Students to Make an Impact in Their Community--

Princeton, NJ--Princeton Junior School has announced an educational alliance with Glitter Lemonade, a New Jersey based non-profit foundation that nurtures compassion and social responsibility in children. Twenty-five 3rd-5th graders have eagerly volunteered to participate in a pilot program, called the Glitter Lemonade Club, whose purpose is to foster a life-long commitment to community service. This innovative program allows students to express their concerns and encourages them to implement their own unique solutions through hands-on projects that they themselves devise.

"Our organization is dedicated to partnering with parents, teachers and youth advisors to empowera new generation of active, philanthropic and engaged members of society," says Glitter Lemonade Founder Halle Madia. "It is not simply about being charitable, but rather about helping children recognize needs and injustices in our world and mobilizing them to take action. We provide the support they need to respond to those concerns through giving, volunteering, and activism. The Princeton Junior School is the ideal environment for our first Club," she says. "The students there are among the most informed and compassionate children I have met."

The club's first goal is to help provide relief to the students of Lavallette Elementary school in Lavallette NJ, many of whom have seen their homes and all of their personal belongings destroyed as a result of Hurricane Sandy. The PJS students are organizing a book and toy drive in partnership with Jazams toy store to take place at the school on March 7th-9th, in which personal wish lists from the Lavallette students will be featured. The club hopes to offer a few items to each child to help replace what was lost, and is planning a trip to Lavallette in the Spring in order to deliver these books and toys to their new owners.

"In a day and age when there are so many disconnections for people, Glitter Lemonade is giving our students a chance to connect and see their impact in a positive way," says Silvana Clark, Head of Princeton Junior School. "Too often as an educator I have seen children who are eager to make a difference in their community but with no idea how to go about it. This is finally an opportunity for our students to act on their beliefs in a systematic way. My hope is that by internalizing this process, they will become independent agents for change. " 


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