Lulu's rescue

Enrichment programs lay the foundation for our children to become better-rounded individuals.

Achieving important goals in life is directly affected by character. It's at least equal in power to intelligence. Whether referring to academic excellence in school, or healthy friendships, character traits play a major role in the decisions children make, how they relate to others and the way people respond to them. Building character involves understanding and acting upon core ethical values. Children grow to encompass these values by hearing inspirational stories, developing empathy, communicating their feelings and helping to create community by forming caring relationships. 

Glitter Lemonade is a non-profit foundation sponsoring altruistic efforts by children, that benefit charities and champion causes in the spirit of goodwill; each effort is an exercise in civic virtue. Our philosophy is simple and purposeful: integrate philanthropy into early childhood, so a connection will be made between community service and self enrichment in developmental years.

Glitter Lemonade is dedicated to partnering with parents, teachers and youth advisers to empower a new generation of philanthropic and engaged members of society. We are not simply about being charitable, but rather about helping children recognize needs and injustices in our world and mobilizing them to respond through giving, volunteerism and activism. Join the Movement